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☁️ Intuitive Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

If you’re frustrated with clunky legacy software, our intuitive mobile-ready “Nudel apps” help you perform critical business processes wherever and from whatever device you please.

With Nudel apps you can effortlessly sail to the cloud!

⚡Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform.

All Nudel apps are built on SAP BTP and use native security and authentication features.

With SAP Cloud Connector you can seamlessly and securely connect to your digital core. Unlock and consume your valuable business data whether it’s stored on-premise or in a private cloud environment.

Nudel Apps for Industries covers a wide array of vertical-specific use cases from Retail, Wholesale Distribution to High Tech Manufacturing, use Nudel Apps to streamline your unique end-to-end business processes.

Seamlessly integrate third-party applications to enrich and contextualize your data.